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Long-term acoustic recordings were provided by the Center for Monitoring Research (CMR) which is interested in nuclear test monitoring. The site of the hydrophone is shown on the map, a shallow water area many calls from blue, humpback, fin and Bryde's whales. Two types of Bryde's whale calls were found with different seasonality suggesting two distinct populations, just as two types of blue whale songs were recorded at this site.

Results of this work are presented in: An acoustic survey of baleen whales off Great Barrier Island, New Zealand, New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Science, 40:519-529, 2006. (Online pdf )

click to see enlarged map of Great barrier Island, New Zealand, 10 KB
The location of the hydrophone pair is shown by the X, 5 km offshore Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. The bathymetry is in meters and a 100 km radius from the hydrophones is shown. Click on map to enlarge.

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